Though we do not have active Alumni, we intend starting one. The main aim of the association is to maintain the link between the college and ex students even after completing the courses. It will also be a platform to share details of growth, achievement and advancement in various fields.

Some of the plans on the anvil for the Alumni will be to help final year students in their project work and also support them in employment opportunities.

The Alumni will have regular get-togethers and in each of these sessions, there will be emphasis on projecting the recent developments in the college and also get their reactions in case an improvement is needed. The Alumni will also be a platform where students can meet their old friends. Watch this space for more updates on INDUS Alumni.

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ءءء - 30-11-2016

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mad - 17-09-2015

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JOB Fair 2014 - 15-03-2014

Entrant Mega Job Fair 2014

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Hostel Application Form - 19-05-2013

Student who require Hostel for the Academic year 2013-14 are asked to download the hostel application form, fill the same and submit it before 15th View More

Academic Calendar 2013-14 - 19-05-2013

The Calendar for the Academic year 2013-14 can be downloaded here View More

Academic Schedule - 19-05-2013

Academic Schedule for the year 2013-14 View More

Faculty Hand Book - 19-05-2013

All the faculties are asked to download the Faculty Hand Book and start updating it from the next academic year (2013-14) View More